JOEYMARIATITO is an ode to the wonder of discovery – of ourselves and of the world – as experienced in a year on sabbatical.

In 2019, Josef Tito took the opportunity to fulfill a dream of escaping New York City and fleeing to Florence, Italy to study jewelry design at the Alchimia Contemporary Jewellery School.

While in Florence, Josef Tito spent his time wandering the piazzas and the galleries to absorb as much of the art and architecture that surrounded him. He would continue to travel throughout Europe taking notes and selfies with the capolavori that would inspire him to create JOEYMARIATITO fine jewelry.

Traveling 13 countries with a single suitcase in hand, the collections that follow symbolize souvenirs – memories that could only be carried in the heart, later to be shared with you here.

Let the journey begin…

Collection 1 - Florence (Summer 2024)

Collection 2 - Berlin (arriving Winter 2024)


Working with the talented craftspeople of Armenia has been a major inspiration for JMT. To show our gratitude, we will donate a portion of all proceeds to marginalized groups in this community.